American Soy Organics Natural Soy Waxes

100% Midwest Soy Wax

Previously Enchanted-Lites Container soy wax, this pure soy wax is produced from beans grown on the richest soil on the planet. 100% Midwest Soy is great as a stand-alone soy wax or a base for your own custom blend.

Millennium Wax

Yes, this is the SAME MILLENNIUM wax previously offered by Enchanted-Lites. Great for color-retention, fabulous surface appearance, and long, clean burn. One of the most popular waxes in the industry.

Natural Melt & Tart Wax from American Soy Organics

This is a 100% natural soy-based wax that behaves like a paraffin. Higher melting temperature, greater flexibility, and mega-stable molecular chains make this the easiest soy product you have ever used. Perfect for soy melts, tarts, and even votives!  Try adding this to your present container soy formulation at 20% to increase hardness, color retention, and smooth tops.
  • 100% Midwest Soy Container Wax 100% Midwest Soy Container Wax
    Our Midwest Soy Container Wax is a 100% soy product from America's Heartland, where rich black soil produces the best soybeans in the world. You'll notice the difference in quality right away.
  • Millennium Container Wax Millennium Container Wax
    Millennium Container Wax is perfect for pouring wax with color. Poured correctly, this wax can give you a brilliant single-pour result with very stable properties. An all-natural soy and botanical blend, Millennium Wax is a natural soy product that has less frosting and smoother tops than conventional container waxes.
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